Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photo Encaustic Workshop

Last week, I was wrapped up in bliss at a photo encaustic workshop at the Spiro Arts Center here in Park City. Last year I feel in love with encaustic paintings when I saw a couple at a gallery. Encaustic painting is basically painting with hot wax, but there are so many things you can do beyond that. It has this luminosity and organic feel that could never be achieved with paint alone. I have been fascinated with them and last week I had a chance to learn all about it. The amazing, fabulous Daniella Woolf, a Santa Cruz-based encaustic/fiber artist, taught the workshop.

I felt like I did back in high school and at the start of college all blissed out in art class. I remembered finally that there is actually something that I could do all day, every day - art. It was such an amazing 5 days and I learned so much from it. I even finished 12 pieces! I can't wait to get all my paints and my setup from R&F Paints. But until I do that I need a studio of my own that can get dirty and I can leave things out. More on that soon, but until then, I'll just have to dream about wax.

During this workshop we combined prints of our own photos with wax using various techniques to build up wax, color it, texture it, scrape it away, transfer images, collage and more. Encaustic painting can be purely just wax or it can be mixed media, but either way it is hands on, messy, and exciting. Below is my Cruiser Series.

Cruiser Series #1

Cruiser Series #2

Cruiser Series #3

Cruiser Series #3 closeup