Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Inspiration of the Day: Recycled Furniture Dragon

This dragon sculpture emerged from the trash bins and heaps of New York. Designed and built by New York-based artists, Benjamin Jones and Anna Hecker, they wanted to show that trash is not waste, but a building block for something new and a way to reduce consumption of new things. I am simply blown away by what they created out of old furniture parts. The sculpture was recently featured at the Figment Festival on Governor's Island.

Jones and Hecker were recipients of a grant through the Black Rock Arts organization to create a sculpture from discarded objects. The result, is Discarded, a 30’ long x 7’ wide x 8’ tall dragon. Most of the furniture used was kept as is, so viewers could contemplate how and where that piece came from.

Description of the sculpture by the artists:
While the sidewalks of New York City on trash night are a rich resource of useful items and cultural artifacts, most New Yorkers hold pre-conceived fears of tapping into this resource: practical fears of dirt and vermin, and emotional fears based on the societal perception of welcoming discarded items into our homes. The resulting obsession with new purchases saps the world of natural resources, and the ease of shopping versus crafting creates a psychic distance from our belongings that enables us to acquire and discard at will. By refocusing our communities on the process of foraging and creation, we can help transform our society into one that values originality and sustainability rather than purposeless consumption.

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[via Re-Nest]