Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moss & Succulent Trellis Garden

Vertical gardens are all the rage right now. I've seen them in Sunset Magazine and all across the blogosphere. I would love to have one of my own, but I don't think it would survive the winter and 12 feet of snow. But will someone please make one? Take this great example I found today on Lowes in their project section for a Trellis Moss Garden. Directly from their site, here are the directions:

What You Need


  • iron trellis
  • 4 packages of sheet moss
  • assorted succulents
  • 1 roll of bird netting
  • 1 package of plant twist ties
  • plant training wire

  • 2 sawhorses
  • utility scissors for netting
  • wire cutters for plant training wire
Step By Step

Step 1: Lay the trellis on two sawhorses, and drape bird netting over the top. Pull the netting tight, and secure it to the trellis using twist ties. Trim the excess netting using utility scissors.

Step 2: Water the sheet moss, and then squeeze out excess moisture. Place the moss over the netting, leaving the top portion of the trellis uncovered.

Step 3: Drape a second layer of bird netting over the moss, and secure with twist ties. Trim the excess netting

Step 4: Wrap a twist tie around the base of each plant, and twist the tie to secure. Poke the tie ends through the netting, and twist to secure. Attach heavier, more mature plants with plant training wire.

Step 5: Leave the trellis on the sawhorses for several weeks, giving the plant roots time to attach to the moss.
Step 6: When the plants are secure, place the trellis stakes in the ground near a wall or fence.
Lowe's also recommends placing the trellis in an area that gets 6 hours of sunlight a day. When the moss is dry lightly spray with water.

[via Lowe's Creative Ideas, originally seen on Apartment Therapy]